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Naturally leavened using our homegrown sourdough starter, “Bob”, The Fat Kid Bakery’s signature Bomboloni is light and fluffy, with a slight Tang. It is so soft that it feels like you’re biting into a sugar coated cloud.

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What Else is Baking?

*More items in store, keep a lookout on our Instagram for more daily specials.

  • Brownies

    Indulgence in a bottle. Rich, fudgy, chocolaty, you’ll finish the whole bottle before The Fat Kid can think of more descriptive words. Small Bottle: ~ 350 grams Large Box: ~...
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies

    An all-time classic and a staple in The Fat Kid's diet. A bottle a day keeps the cravings away. Each bottle has around ~200 grams of chocolaty delight. 
  • Blackout Dark Chocolate Cookies

    A must try for chocolate lovers, our Blackout cookies are known for their deep dark chocolate flavour.  It’s just the right amount of sweetness which makes a perfect snacks for...
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For bulk or corporate orders, feel free to drop us a message and The Fat Kid will let you know how you can get your hands on our sweet, sweet treats.

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