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  • Box of 4 (Sourdough Bombos)

    Awesome foursome. For when The Fat Kid is on a diet (kind of). Default price stated is for a box of plain bombos only.Default price stated is for a box...
    From $15.60
  • Box of 8 (Sourdough Bombos)

    Legend has it that The Fat Kid’s prosperous belly only appeared after eating out of this box. (All 8 may or may not have been eaten by her)
    From $31.20
  • Box of 10 (Sourdough Bombos)

    You’ll probably finish this box before you can count to 10. Just ask The Fat Kid.
    From $38.80
  • Box of 12 (Sourdough Bombos)

    The ultimate box of sourdough bombos, and no surprise that it’s The Fat Kid’s favorite. Great for sharing, but nobody has to know if you eat them all. Default price...
    From $46.20
  • Milk Loaf

    The perfect fluffy loaf of bread: soft and airy with a delicately sweet flavor. Sometimes used as a pillow by The Fat Kid.
    From $10.00
  • Eclairs

    Éclair means ‘’Flash of Lightning’’ in french.This box will probably be gone faster than you can say ‘’The Fat Kid’’. Comes in a box of 10 or 20.
    From $28.00
  • Brownies

    Indulgence in a bottle. Rich, fudgy, chocolaty, you’ll finish the whole bottle before The Fat Kid can think of more descriptive words. Small Bottle: ~ 350 grams Large Box: ~...
    From $20.50
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies

    An all-time classic and a staple in The Fat Kid's diet. A bottle a day keeps the cravings away. Each bottle has around ~200 grams of chocolaty delight. 
    From $18.50
  • Blackout Dark Chocolate Cookies

    A must try for chocolate lovers, our Blackout cookies are known for their deep dark chocolate flavour.  It’s just the right amount of sweetness which makes a perfect snacks for...
    From $20.00
  • Savoury Series: Box of 4 (Sourdough Bombos)

    Who said you can’t have bombos for breakfast?Each box is fixed and contains one of the following flavours:  Spicy Egg MayoTorched Mentaiko Cream *New*Sour Cream & OnionRoasted Garlic Mascarpone
    From $26.00
  • Mini Sourdough Bombos (Assorted Box of 12)

    Just think, the same delicious fillings and textures but fun-sized.  Our big boy bombos now come in mini versions and are great for sharing or even to just have them yourselves. ...
    From $36.00
  • Party Box - Mini Savoury Croissants

    You can now get your hands on our fun-sized artisanal croissants.  21 Assorted Mini Savoury Croissants that your friends will absolutely love. Filled with our homemade spicy Egg Mayo, creamy...
    From $90.00
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